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Step 1: Have Prospect fill out contact form on website to identify what services they are looking to have fulfilled


Step 2: Set up initial discovery call (~30 minutes) to discuss – FATE will contact within 24-48 hours of receiving inquiry


Step 3: Complete discovery call to determine if there is a right fit for both sides and discuss options


Step 4: If both sides are a match, determine timeline length of work + how much headcount is required + location of where work will be done


Step 5: If both sides agree to move forward, process moves to Assessment/Execution phase

Assessment / Execution

Step 1: FATE sends the customer contract to sign, with attached pricing and payment structure. FATE’s expectation and request is to be paid by the customer at the end of every week


Step 2: Once a contract is signed, assign workers to the job and set a start date


Step 3: On the start date, the FATE team will arrive at your facility and set up their workstation (if applicable) for a trial day. At this point, the customer can give a general breakdown of directions and desired expectations to the FATE team before they get started.


Step 4: FATE team will go to work for 2-3 hours, at which point the customer can come in to check on and review the work that’s been done. If adjustments are needed, the customer will communicate them. FATE will apply those adjustments and then be off to the races!


Step 5: At the end of each day, FATE employees will clean their workspace of their tools in your facility

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Follow Up

Step 1: FATE management will communicate with the customer midway through the service process to ensure satisfaction and alignment


Step 2: Upon completion of the agreed service contract, FATE will complete a follow up call  after service process with the customer to again ensure complete satisfaction. At this point we will square up on any leftover payment that is due from the customer


Step 3: Check in to see if the customer has any future needs that can be reserved on the booking calendar 


Step 4: Ask for any referrals for similar businesses. If the referral becomes a contracted customer, then the referring customer will receive a 10% discount on its next service contract 

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