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Some kind words from just a few people I've had the pleasure of working with.

Check out my resume if you'd like a closer look

Josefine Clausen Nowitz

Matt is friendly, outgoing and a great relationship builder. He is skilled at gaining trust early on with a customer or client and maintaining strong long-term professional relationships. He is clever at selling solutions whether they be products or services and explaining the value-add that the solutions/products offer to the customer and their business.

Matt and I spent days together on the road visiting customers and prospects some of which he had been able to build close relationships with online without having met them yet in person. As a sales executive Matt is highly skilled at being able to forge strong connections with people and remembering details about them, their businesses and their goals. Matt knows how to sell in a way that doesn't feel like the customer is being sold to and that's likely why he had the highest sales numbers of any region in the U.S. I enjoyed working with Matt and would gladly team up with him again.

Briana Schepper

Matt definitely has a go-getter attitude and leads with a smile. We worked together on prospecting cannabis contacts and he learned how to use Cannabiz Media to further support creating relationships for the business.

He does not settle and will push your goals forward!

Sasha Rodriguez

Matt has the best attitude, demeanor and sales skills in the Northeast! His expertise in cannabis and building/cultivating relationships in this industry is unmatched. He'd be a great addition to any team hes on.

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