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Retail Operation
SOP Training

Take advantage of FATE’s diverse background in business. From working in Fortune 500 Companies and learning best business practices, to our deep connections and relationships in the cannabis industry. Use this experience and network to help leverage your business in a variety of ways. From inside sales training, to retail customer service training, to delivery logistics, we have the experience to help you.


Save your business time + money while improving operations by taking advantage of FATE’s past training and experience, or leverage their past connections to find new opportunities for your business!


Train staff in best practices for customer service, marketing, pop-ups, management, etc.

  • How to greet incoming customers to make them feel seen and welcomed

  • Have customer service word tracks, follow up plans, role plays, customer dispute handling, thank you calls, etc

  • Have done over 30 pop-ups in Dispensaries and at Cannabis events

  • How to create customer loyalty programs


Train staff in best practices for inside sales strategies

  • How to upsell in-store customers and over the phone 

  • How to team sell

  • Create in-store sales programs to engage sales team and move product

  • How to use outstanding customer service to create more sales

Cannabis Knowledge Competency Training

Train staff in cannabis knowledge (plant to product) to help better serve consumers and become authorities in their industry

  • Knowledge of plant and different components

  • Knowledge of grow methods and how that affects flower outcome

  • Knowledge of different types of flower (including prerolls)

  • Knowledge of different types of non-flower product (concentrates/vapes/edibles/topicals/tinctures)

Secret Shopper

Don’t know what you need help in? Let us come in and do a secret shopper visit, to ID things your retail operations are doing well, and things they could work on.

  • Customer Service

  • Sales

  • Product Konlwedge

  • Marketing

  • Store Set Up

  • Water Activity Tests on packaged flower

  • Not limited to in-store – test online ordering and curbside pickup process, delivery, etc.

Industry Information Aggrigation

Don’t know where to start gathering information or what services are available in the cannabis space? We can help!

  • Customer Contact Lists (US, Northeast Specific, NY Specific)

  • Company Sector Lists

  • General Industry Information

  • Instagram Accounts

  • Obtaining/acquiring hard to get contacts

  • Industry insight/knowledge

  • Access to rare genetics

  • Deal Scout

  • Access to industry experts in respective fields – Traditional (Marketing, HR, Copywriter, Website Build/Design, Videographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer) + Cannabis Specific (Packaging/Labeling Compliance Expert, Packaging Scientist, Seeds/Breeding, Cultivation, Post-Harvest, Lawyers, Accountants, Real-Estate)

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