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Matt ‘Fuzz’ Faughnan, owner of Fuzzy Around The Edges, is a Cannabis Industry Professional whose ultimate goal is to help other businesses to reach their full potential. At his core, he is a connector of people so that collectively, we can all get shit done. - take out the to after businesses, add a comma after that and before collectively

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My Story

For the last 12+ years, Matt has worked in multiple roles that exposed him to best practices in business in regard to Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Management in the business world. For 2 years, Matt carried the skills he sharpened in traditional business over to the Cannabis Industry through his time at Boveda Inc. building the plan to penetrate the up-and-coming Northeast market. 


He was successful in building the territory into an overwhelming success, growing the total revenue, new customers, and new customer total spend each over 100% by utilizing that plan he set forward, and being pleasantly persistent.


Now, Fuzz is taking (or rather keeping) his talents to NY, and the Tri-State area, to help build the best possible cannabis markets possible, where EVERYONE CAN WIN, from the farmer to the consumer!

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