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Contract Sales Broker

Both the supply side (Cultivators/Processors) and the retail side (Dispensaries/Deliveries) are cash strapped and most can’t afford the time and/or money to hire sales/buyer teams to sell and buy product. Both sides have their hands full trying to run other parts of their business, but also want to run as lean as possible to start.


This is where FATE can step in to help. We’ve made good connections on both sides of the sales and can facilitate/broker deals and relationships. Cultivators and processors need to sell their product, and dispensaries and deliveries need to source the best products to stock their menu. Let FATE carry that load for you!

Supply Side

  • Trustworthy broker that is aligned with sellers best interests in mind to get fair market value (as ultimately determined by the consumer) for their product

  • Get product sold and out the door at fair value to start getting ready for next harvest run

  • No expensive overhead of vetting/hiring/training new sales staff + develop sales roadmap + program

Buy Side

  • No upfront $ to pay a buyer to stock stores

  • Access to portfolio of existing sell-side menu’s 

  • No ramp-up overhead of vetting/hiring/training buyers






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